Team 8 Day 3 summary

Today is challenge day since we need to set everything done for the project. The key point is the presentation. Based on our idea and many details, we have to put many stuffs in limited number of slides, and we need to guarantee that the thing we showed is clear enough for everyone to understand and get our point. We used MS PPT as the basic tool. For our logo, figures and schematic sections which we used to illustrate our idea and ideal structures, PS is used. And some of them are hand painted then scanned to convert them to digital form to modify in computers. In the short, that was an awesome process to create the final result.
Pantomime is offered for the final presentation. After considering, we decided to choose 1-3 pattern, that means we will have one speaker for the first presenting part, and the whole team joint the following question part. Since we figure out the there is no enough time for three people to present one by one.