Team 8 Day 2 Summary

This day begainned with three presentations in three different fields, smart city, architecture and _____. From those presentations, we gained some inspirations about the details of our project. For example, from the urban farming section, we got the point that we can combine human services, animal part and planting part together. It will help us to solve the economic problem for running the dog park. In addition, it can provide people sense of success and presence. Through farming, people can win the positive feeling, be more motivated to take part in the activities related to animal part.
For the project, we cleared the detailed information. First, this project focus on the connection between humans, dogs or animals can act as medias. Based on the phenomenon in our society, we raised several issues need to be solved. Then, we set the target people is the neighbors in growing cities in 18-40. Since people in that age group can take care of themselves first. Second, they are full of energy which guarantee that they are able to participate activities with dogs. The most important is that they can walk along without helping and monitoring which is the significance in walking a dog. If the customers are kids or old people, they may not be able to walk the dog not only in physical but also in mental.
Next, we considered about where to build this kind of places. After discussion, we listed target places for the project. “Dead spot” of the city can be the first choice to build the dog park. Since that, land utilization rate of the city can rise up significantly. And we can add the animal part in café also. In that case, people can take part in activities to win the free coffee or other rewards. It can help people to keep healthy by exercising, meanwhile, the interactions between humans and dogs can be more frequent and close.