Team 8 Day 1 Summary

We have a presentation of how to build a team. And we created the ground-team rules for our team. After that, every member listed the strengths and challenges they have to help us know each other better. Since that, we can cooperate with each other better.
After taking several presentations about civility in different fields, we gained the deep understanding about CIVILITY. And these presentations provide us hints about further discussion about picking the particular topic.
Brainstorming is next key step at the beginning of this project. We raised ideas and discussed with professors about our ideas. Finally, we choose the topic that attracts us most.

The project it’s called R and it will help civility in cities and communities that could need a boost to develop to grow and make income in a sustainable friendly way.
How it works? We will develop a building where the community can work and relate to make the neighborhood more connected. This place would have a restaurant/cafe on one side and an animal shelter on the other side where stray or abandoned dogs can be take care and being adopt. Also, a green area where the dogs can be safe and interact with passing by people that not necessarily will go to the cafe.
The place will be placed on a “city dead spot” that are usually in between buildings and get abandoned, trashy and insecure. Recovering those places for the neighborhood is essential for the community and can even be tourist attractions that can give the area around another opportunity to grow.
The restaurant/cafe part, apart of being an income for the place, would work as a sustainable place to recover food leftovers, from itself or the community, to feed the dogs, reduce cost and reduce the waste that at the end still has a use. The food waste in the other hand could be use to make compost for people who want to grow their food in little city gardens, creating a sustainable community.
For what? This place will work as a center point of interaction for communities to know each other using the dog shelter as a way to be and enjoy a dog if you cant have one because of space, money or other issues, even for a voluntary charge you can “rent a dog” to go for a walk to other places, helping the dog to enjoy walks with a friend and to help people who want a dog but can’t have one.
Using the human connection with the animal, people should understand, tolerate, learn and know people from the neighborhood that have the same love for animals and understand that kindness has no limit even between species.
There are studies and organizations that show how an animal can help the ill to get better, to not to be alone and boost the happiness that is essential for them to recover. We want to use this gift that enjoying animals do for people and teach that kindness to everyone.