Team 2 Day 3

On Day 3, we picked back up where we left off with the website and app construction as well as the PowerPoint completion. Most of the work today was busy work, as we had already taken most of the creative steps Friday and Saturday. Our website is finished and running. It is complete with a sign-in feature, lists of clickable education topics, the learner’s progress, and many other user-friendly features. The color of the webpage is even responsive to the learner’s mood and if the learner answers that he or she is “angry” the website guides the learner through deep breathing exercises. We were also able to convert the website into a downloadable app. We were able to download it on our computers and mobile devices and impressed by the fact that we could see the logo we had designed as the icon for the app in our phone background. We also are excited that our PowerPoint presentation is complete. We hope we convey well our ideas on how our project would contribute to increased civility. The PowerPoint was challenging in that we wanted to stay somewhat close to the original template but felt like there were important deviations that needed to be made. We are looking forward to presenting our project tomorrow. Even if we don’t win the award, we are grateful for the experience with Nexus Maximus and feel like we’ve learned a great deal about building ideas, working with a team, and integrating various fields of expertise to produce a project.