Team 3 day 2 Summary

Our day three started with the workshop of our guest lecturers and a
quick open mike session where participants shared their idea of
“Civility.” Then we returned to our workstation and started to work with
more ideas and challenges, which was asked by one of our presenters
Tiina Tuulos. She showed us- how to think more directionally and how to solve a problem.
Then we figured out our main challenges and what opportunity we can create and different ways to solve them. We came out with a module where people from a particular neighborhood can share his/her expertise among others, through the online or offline platform. An elderly or a sick person can ask help from locals through an on-call or on chat service.

Our day two session ended with different feedback from faculties about how to ace our goal with a more structural and definitive way. Now we are looking forward to day three sessions to kick-off, where we will finalize our idea of CIVILITY.