Team 2 Day 2

Much like in the fashion of a fast paced Silicon Valley environment we hit the ground running after looking at the data that backs up our idea and why we are pursuing it. By 2 PM we had the structure of our design down on paper and got straight to work on a prototype. As this was in the works, the additional functionality and features of our platform were being fine tuned. We designed a website to hold our global education platform in which educators could volunteer their expertise and learners could choose among a wide variety of subjects. Our website is color-coded based on the respondent’s self-reported mood and complete with individual pages to mark and track achievements as well as recommended lessons based on the learner’s history. In addition to the website, we are constructing an application for smartphones and tablets that is conducive for mobile learners. Having two computer science students, one undergraduate and the other graduate, has really blessed our team with the ability to construct something of which we are very proud. We are looking forward to adding the finishing touchings on our website and make the app downloadable so that we can showcase our work. We also started developing a powerpoint highlighting the problems and how BeBetter, our website and app, can help provide some solutions. By the end of the day, our powerpoint had the skeleton we wanted moving forward. Throughout the next couple days, we will add the finishing touchings. We’re looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish tomorrow!