Team 15 day 3 Summary

Team 15 Day 3 Summary
Ciara, Karan, Kyle, Max

Throughout Day 3, the team prepared the poster presentation, and the team worked vigorously to produce a completed slideshow. Our work is known as Competitive Community Art, and the title of the actual project is StreetWorx.

The team members all made contributions in differing ways. Max spent a sizeable portion of the morning and the afternoon creating visual interpretations on what the ideal community setting after there has been the implementation of StreetWorx. This involved creative utilization of a number of softwares. Karan spent early parts of the morning and afternoon considering, and creating content that would be presented by the speakers for the final day (unfortunately, Karan will not be able to be present for presentations). Ciara and Kyle worked furiously to create the slides that would be placed on the poster board.

After each individual had appropriately prepared his/her respective component, the team gathered together and collaborated further. There was a heavy amount of editing, changes, and reevaluation of the most relevant details.

At the end of this all, the team has created something that they are proud of. There were opportunities to practice the presentation, and so everything has come together. The idea of StreetWorx was the product more than 20 hours of work, and the team is ready to share what has been created.,