Team 12 Day 2 Summary & Team 12 Day 2 Image 2

The second day started with helpful lectures that showed civility or uncivility in different countries and industries. The workshop of Mrs. Tuulos from Australia helped us figure out what exactly we want to work on and what we need to get to where we want to go.
Therefore team 12 was focused on resolving the issues like lack of promotion and awareness about what civility means. Since the problem exists in all social environments, we needed to come up with an idea on how to practice and encourage civility. We found that a campaign would feature all of our ideas. This campaign works with a guideline that will be published by video, podcast, an app, a magazine, brochures, posters, ty commercials or a presentation on site. We came up with a name for our campaign. From there on we designed a logo, a website and different kinds of advertisements. By the end of the day, everyone on the team was busy designing.