Team 10 day 2 Summary

We spent this day focusing on the details of the project. After assigning work for the day, we worked independently, and convened at intervals to update each other on our progress and assign new work and brainstorm further. I worked on the business model for our company idea, and the others worked independently on the research and design. Partway through we spoke with a faculty member to get feedback. We learned to specify our addressed problem further to create a sense of urgency about it and amplify the ability of our project to solve it. We also focused on how our solution directly solved the problem of incivility in the workplace. Since we are doing interior design and a training program, what type of interior design is it? What type of training program? How do they work together? How is it sustainable. These are the questions we asked ourselves while researching the problem and its existing solutions. I worked on the business model canvas, so for example, I tried to connect the value proposition to the customer segment by looking at pain points and thinking about the end users. Then I iterated in the other blocks of the canvas to complete a viable revenue-generating business model. The other members of the team worked similarly by keeping the end user in mind while designing and researching the material to put in the final slides.