Team 5 Day 1 Summary

App/ Webside – Suny Buddies: “Help children to know each other”/ Promoting civil interactions though an education award system

Target audience:
Age ranges: 7 – 13 years old
Shy, new kids, new situation, clubs, activities, children with disabilities

How does it work?
⁃ Series of surveys to collect info
⁃ In between surveys there are targeting informational messages using info collected discussing politeness, conflict resolution, tips for interacting with new people.
⁃ After survey a sharable code is attached to your account
⁃ In a teacher/moderator account you can use these to match/understand the children
⁃ When two accounts link common interests are given, promoting civil conversations and avoiding conflicts

What can this do?
⁃ Help children to know each other.
⁃ Teacher can moderate the interactions and differentiate between their students.
⁃ This app will help you know better about the person you meet and know your common interests.
⁃ Help section tips on bullying: Helpline, conflict solution
⁃ Give extra credits on: good behavior, helping, completing surveys