Team 16 Day One Summary

Nexus Maximus

Day 1: Introduction
The day started off with a welcome talk from Dean Mike Leonard to introduce the topic of civility from different perspectives which is where we met our group members after registration.

First, we took part in various ice breakers with a team building workshop. This involve the discussion of our strengths and challenges That each member faces. As a result of this we were able to designate roles in the group. We came up with a set of ground-rules that the group must abide by such as respecting each other’s views and opinions, to attend all days of the programme and to help others without them having to ask. We created a WhatsApp group for efficient communication.

A lunch was provided for all students during the series of lectures from guest speakers and faculty members. We attended several lectures discussing civility from emergency medicine from Dr Wayne Bond Lau, Eric Schneider discussing civility within industrial design and many more professional perspectives. An interesting civility perspective was from guest speaker Omar Ramirez who specialises in design whereby he got everyone to participate in drawing design with no words.

We began brainstorming ideas of this topic, we found that the importance was future civilisation and therefore we needed to base our final idea on the future generations.