Team 16 Day 2 Summary

On day 2 our group attended the lectures taking place, with particular interest in Piotr Palka from Warsaw Design Factory highlighting how public space interacts with people. Then there was 5 minutes on the Mike with Mike where students and participants could present their views of the meaning of civility. These included ideas of equality and respect meaning civility.
We then returned to the grouping room and took part in a number of exercises with presenter Tiina Tuulos to explore various other ideas surrounding our chosen civility project.
We worked as a group to begin the structure of our presentation in preparation for Monday. We created a presentation using power point and finalised our idea of a zero-waste grocery store tackling the global issue of climate change but focussing on food waste on a local scale. We planned out what to put on each slide which will be finalised tomorrow. One of our main focuses was on ensuring it would improve the local economy, done through buying local produce from local farmers.
As a group and by taking feedback from faculty members we decided on a name for the project. Faculty members circulated the room providing valuable feedback on our ideas and gave critical guidance to our group by evaluating our presented ideas.