Team 10 day 1 Summary

We attended most of the afternoon lectures, then exited to a separate room to have some quiet brainstorming. We decided to begin by defining the term civility. What did it mean to each of us? What terms could we use to describe it? We ended up with a few words we could use to describe it, then used them to try to see where they were lacking in certain industries or areas in the world. We attempted to discover an opportunity to tackle that had all of our areas of expertise (business, interior design, sustainability, etc.). We listed some industries and examples of what incivility looks like in them, and eventually settled on the office workplace and boss/employee relationships. We arrived at a preliminary proposal and solutions as part of a business model that we could expand upon as Nexus Maximus progreesed. At each step of the brainstorming process, we took time to carefully research, define our terms, and collaborate as a group to arrive at an agreed upon next step.