Day 2 Team 1 Summary

Today, we wanted to nail down our project. After meeting with Nexus staff and several speakers for the presentations today, we recognized some serious flaws in our design and things we didn’t even consider such as weather issues and funding. Today we tried to tackle those issues. We discussed having the park be funded by the American Civility Association. Their goal is to promote civility. We are looking forward to partnering with this esteemed organization! We also decided to run the park from 9am to 6pm every day of the week. These hours can be adjusted as the park is opened and we monitor real usage. We will hire a small staff to run the park that would be part of the American Civility Organization. We hope that they would be volunteer staff, thus cutting down costs a bit.
The biggest issue we attempted to address today is, “why would people come to our park? How is it different from other parks?” Nexus staff helped us recognize that we needed to think outside the box for this one. We ultimately want to promote civility and had to think of ways to do this in our park to make it unique. We read statistics about the negative impact of social media use on civility, so we decided one of the goals of our park would be to eliminate social media presence. Therefore, we decided we wanted to cut off the internet in these parks. Mentors helped us recognize that this is unrealistic, but they suggested we instead use lockers for people to lock up their phones. By making it a phone-less instead of internet-less space, we allow our park development team to still use technology and the internet in how we run the park without worry that social media will be accessed by those in the park. In this way, we promote face-to-face conversations and civility without hindering our ‘smart park’ capabilities. We will continue to develop our different ideas for promoting wellness through the use of games. Our architecture teammate is working on park design.
Tomorrow, we will begin to put together our powerpoint!