Team 15 day 1 Summary

The packed day involved meeting with the team, exciting lectures, and intense brainstorming and group discussion.

At the beginning of the afternoon, our team thought of relevant and applicable ideas connected with the topic of civility, and unifying communities. We thought of highly consequential ideas such as addressing divisiveness along ethno religious lines, fighting bigotry, alleviating disparities, valuing equality and freedom, and responding to the scourge of terrorism in a civilized, rational manner.

Next, we narrowed our discussion by placing focus on the creation of implementable solutions to increase civility in different domains. Some of these possible interventions included the creation of community gardens, integration and reintegration of the homeless into the community via tree planting projects and community guardianship, and the creation of apps to connect people and to allow for the creation of more social events.

We came to the agreement that we will focus our civility project on endeavors connected with community art. Community art projects will be created and maintained in public spaces in a variety of ways. This will allow for people to get out and meet each other, thereby contributing to a sense of community while also allowing for the development of a stronger sense of being part of a collective; such projects will have additional benefits such as making neighbourhoods more attractive overall, creating a sense of regional identity, and, in some instances, allowing for some healthy competition. Implementation of each project will vary depending on the context of each specific neighborhood.