Day 1 of Nexus Maximus

Day one was one hell of a roller coaster ride of a day with ideas from trash management to in-state student exchange programmes and even the psychology of colors being brainstormed till we finally connected the dots. From what we have right now (at the end of day one) it looks like we will be working on a platform that takes ideation and concepts for all of the ideas our team had shared and will be implementing it into one large high impact platform that will aim to help our users create the best version of themselves possible without them even knowing it. We realised that we cannot change the world without changing ourselves first and therefore decided that for us to make the largest impact on our global society in terms of CIVILITY, we would have to do it without our users even realising the changes that they are undergoing personally which will eventually lead to them having an impact on their immediate community and therefore the world at large. We cannot wait to implement the comprehensive list of amazing ideas we have into an actionable MVP (Minimum Viable Product) platform and share it with our fellow ideationists!