Team 1 Day 3 Summary

This morning, two of our six members were able to get together and work towards finalizing our solution. The first thing to discuss was the set of ideas reaped from the previous day’s Rapid Read Out in order to make sure that as many people on the team as possible were on the same page and aware of recent developments. Part of the planning process involved a back-and-forth choice between two fundamental aspects of our solution: “school” versus “community”, for example. With this being the last day of problem/solution synthesis, it’s now or never.

We considered the day’s two workshops, one for the elevator pitch and one for the poster, to be too valuable to pass up. As the day and the workshops continued, two more members arrived to assist. We managed to complete plenty of work on a sample poster concept, design, and layout. In return, we received valuable feedback during the last Rapid Read Out. (Bonus, we were given some extra time during this session, too!)

As the deadline fast approached, we pushed through technical issues and design mishaps. From an inflexible layout to misalignment, it seems like a poor time to wrestle to technology. Ultimately, we succeeded in finalizing our solution concept and printing our poster within the 8:30 PM limit granted! We went on our separate ways shortly after, eager to get as much rest as feasible for the last day of Nexus Maximus. What remains to be tested are our elevator pitch and, just as important, the communication between each other that we’ve built over the past three days.