Day 3; Orior 5 | Against the World


Today has gone well- only two of us slept in!  When we all got together, the collaboration began instantly.  Our minds haven’t had a break yet, but it’s all for the bigger picture.

Everyone in the program seems to be hard at work today as things wrap up; the free food helps with the morale.  Today, our group met between 10:00 and noon to compare notes we’d gathered after parting last night (and for some of us, this morning).  Some of us drew out our poster concept as others attended the two workshops regarding sales pitches and poster creation- which were very helpful.  We learned about composure, time management, being engaging, what to prioritize, and more.  The workshop also provided us with a template to create our “elevator pitch.”  All of our hard work has come together well and we’ve split up for about an hour to do some independent research.  Our group is about to meet at 5:00 and we think we’re ready to present after some final tweaks.

We’ve been anticipating our final faculty meeting.  Our sales pitch is written, sketches are made, and our poster is in the makes.  Now, it’s time to get our idea out there and finish our poster to represent our ideas well!

But, difficulties plague the party. As we make upon the treacherous last mile towards the peak of Mt. Poster Presentation, discord is sown among the group. We cannot decide who is to speak; does the elected leader have the right to say all and represent us, or should those who are naturally skilled in the art of rule and language override the omnipotent iron fist and bring the party to glory among our peers. These are the philosophical mysteries that surround our group.

Amethyst & Naglis