Day 3: Ductus 4

Hi everyone! Ductus 4 here. Today we came up with our campaign name and slogan. The name of our campaign is the “Cross Like a Boss Campaign” that focuses on 2 main things: (1) pedestrian safety and (2) how to make drivers slow down as they reach a crosswalk. In the most recent available to the public Community Health Assessment conducted by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (2014), it is stated that 1 out of the 2 poorest health indicators for South Philadelphia is “child pedestrian and bike accidents.” With our new campaign, we will be attempting to implement a never before seen in the United States RFID chip scanner card located on crosswalk poles at every major pedestrian crash hot spot. After going over the information we received from our faculty members, we were able to narrow our information down and focus on our main points. We spent most of the day coming up with our poster and figuring out what information to include. With the help of Illustrator and talented teammates, we were able to bring our ideas to paper. We also spent time gathering research and statistics about our issue and solutions. Helpful advisers gave us many ideas and different perspectives to incorporate into our poster in the middle of the day. Towards the end, we met with the faculty, and were given valuable feedback and new ways for handling our project. As the day winds down, our group will focus on fixing last minute details and prepare for the presentation tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!