Creo 6 Day 3!

Tomorrow is the big day! Is Creo 6 ready? We believe so!. Although not all of our members were in attendance today, we finalized and printed our poster and worked on our marketing strategy. Will attended one workshop, Lighting my fire: Crafting the effective elevator pitch. We limited the number of workshops we attended because we wanted to devote all of our energy into the final project. Over the past three days, our focus has shifted from educating people about green roofs and promoting them, to making green roofs accessible and wanted by the community. Creo 6 could not have made it this far without Victor, the head researcher! He was primarily assisted by Chelsea and the two of them headed our marketing program: “Live Green. Give Green.” Irene was in charge of the poster layout, and she did a phenomenal job! But there is no“I” in team, and she was constantly receiving feedback from the rest of the team about the poster. Unfortunately, our teammate Will will (ironically) not be able to attend the presentation tomorrow, but he will be sending the group lots of support and we are prepared with his contributions to the end project! We are excited for the thrilling conclusion of Nexus Maximus! Everyone in Creo 6 chose to participate in Nexus Maximus for various reasons, but two shared reasons were to gain experience and collaboration skills! Our team believes that we achieved that much and more over the course of this amazing weekend!