Novo 5 – Day 2

Today was a very successful day for our group. We started out by having a meeting and hashing out some new ideas incorporating the panel’s feedback from yesterday. We came up with a completely new idea of a “Success on Wheels” nonprofit that would go around the community of Kensington and offer resume help, SAT prep, mock interviews, etc. This would help members of the community to find avenues for success and allow them to stay in their community while doing so. This way, they can contribute to their community rather than just trying to “get out” as fast as they can. We also went to several very interesting workshops. Most notably, we went to a lecture about gentrification. Learning about how this process affects Philadelphia was crucial to our project because we are trying to avoid gentrification while still helping to better the community of Kensington. We think that our project does a good job of that because of the fact that it encourages current residents to stay in their communities and give back when they become successful, rather than pushing them out. Additionally, this mobile center would travel to schools in order to target high school kids to help them learn about their options after graduation and to help them make it to the point of graduation. Overall, our group used our time and resources wisely today to come up with a service that we believe can truly make a difference in this community.