Novo 1 | Day 3 | Summary

What Have We Done

Our idea of relieving traffic congestion in our assigned communities was a bust. The logistics and public policy implications of our first bicycle transit idea made it tremendously impractical to implement. This sent us back to the drawing board to reevaluate and chart a new course. This led to the birth of an app that provides incentives for persons to utilize public transportation. The application would track the user’s movements on public transportation and award points based on mileage. The point would then be redeemable in the form of coupons and even free event tickets. This idea was also shut down by the review panel citing the reliance on a strained and unreliable mass transit system.

So what do we do now? Stay in the transportation arena or do we cut our losses and explore something different. After hours of deliberation a middle ground was found. With slight modifications to the application, the platform can be converted into a fitness app. 34% of the population of the assigned community is classified as overweight. The same QR codes that we were using to track user movement on public transportation would instead be used to track user movement with walking, jogging, running, hiking and biking. The more QR codes the user logs, the greater the reward. However rather than giving deals for big chain stores, the coupons and deals would apply to local small businesses within the community. The application would simultaneously create a healthier population while subsequently stimulating the local small business economy.