Ductus 8- Day 2

Today, some members of the group attended the workshops in the morning and learned a lot of new information about the problem of obesity in Philadelphia. For example, many supermarkets were closing so people started to depend on only convenient stores for their meals and only visited the supermarkets once a month. Additionally, many people chose to stay inside for leisure because the parks were deemed as dangerous. So we found out that lack of healthy food options and less accessibility of exercise are the causes that trigger adult obesity. To solve this problem, Mifflin Square Park in Philadelphia was renovated to make it a much more family friendly area. In the afternoon we all regrouped and discussed what we had researched throughout the day. We decided to focus on the unhealthy eating cause of obesity and created a plan to propose for our final presentation Monday morning. We thought of possible solutions and chose to focus on making an application to give people more healthy food options. We agreed that it would be great to make people accessible to semi-delivery program: giving them health foods that are packed and sold in the streets and corners with workers selling salads or rice bowls inside the moving cart so that people can pick up their breakfast and lunch on their way to work. We decided to make an application that can enable people to access the healthy foods- “Spill the Beans”. We discussed them with the faculty members during the meeting.