DAY03 – Creo 5

Today, our team members went over the feedback that we got from yesterday faculty meeting. Also, we shared our opinions and elaborated our ideas about the signage & funding system we were discussing about. Ronak drew a flow chart on the white board and explained us about the funding system & application system that he was thinking about. His ideas were absolutely amazing! It was so great that everyone respected each other’s ideas and considered it as valuable.

We then divided up to teams and each team focused on different works for the presentation tomorrow. Anthony and Sylvie worked on making prototype website screenshots, which will be displayed on the presentation poster. We looked for other model websites and tried to make our own new creative website screenshot. Ronak and Wikbe kept on developing the signage design. Ronak also worked on developing the poster layout. Samantha went to the poster workshop for our poster design development!

We then came together, shared our opinions about the whole layout of the poster. Then we divided our role, each individual focusing on their part. Anthony worked on the captions of each picture inserted in the poster, Sylvie kept her work with the website prototype. Ronak and Wickbe also did hard work! Sam controlled the overall layout of the summary.

In the faculty meeting, we asked faculties about how we should present our poster, how we should develop our ideas about funding system and got some advice about tomorrow’s presentation.

After the faculty meeting, our team members started finalizing the poster design. Hope we can produce a good result on tomorrow’s presentation!

 Hard work on the whiteboard 🙂

 Working with Sylvie for our prototype website! 

 Sylvie & Sam & Wickbe !

 Designing the poster layout 🙂