Team 1 Day 2 Summary

Today we began by touching base through our group chat. We gave each other updates on our status of availability for the day. Four members were able to be on campus on Saturday with the exception of the remaining two having prior engagements. The remaining three members attended multiple workshops each. Each member wanted to gather more information that could be incorporated into the project. The four members each took notes at the different workshops. Once the workshops were done, each member added their notes from throughout the day so that all members could access it and view it.


Throughout the day members worked together through google docs. All members collaborated and to discuss yesterday’s critiques. The panel yesterday provided a lot of great feedback and ideas to consider for the direction of the project. We worked together to reshape our idea and concept of our plan. The community health assessment workshop helped us realize the potential we have in available resources. Also to take into consideration what people in that area might actually engage in. If they aren’t interested in vegetable gardens, why would we build one for them? Instead we thought about possibly revamping an already present park to make it more appealing and user friendly for the community. But keeping the garden theme by greening these parks and playgrounds so that there is still a green space that is accessible to the community. Our area of Philadelphia actually has a plethora of parks but how often are they used? Are they safe? Our concept aims to address that issue of “why” aren’t current parks being used? And how can we change that?