Novo 1 Day 2 Summary

Day one saw our bicycle transit idea getting shot down by the reviewing faculty. This resulted in the team having to back peddle (pun intended) and head back to the drawing board. With the faculty feedback in mind we went about reevaluating why we decided to go with transit in the first place. Traffic congestion and lengthy commute times seemed to always stick out at us as something that plagues the assigned zip-code. We discussed within our team what strategies could be put in place to tackle this issue, we decided to look at ways in which we could encourage people to drive less. Looking at each members specific skill set we thought that the concept of a smart phone app would be the right approach as we have a computer and design based knowledge within the team. We came up with the idea of creating an app that provides incentives for its users. The concept would be that the app would track peoples use of public transport as well as cycling or walking to desired destinations. The app would use the tracking system to then provide a rewards scheme by giving points for each mile not traveled in a car. The points would then enable the users to receive coupons for various discounts like grocery stores or museum passes. We brainstormed branding ideas and came up with the idea of “Track My Trip” an app that also accompanies a card that can act as a bus and train pass as well as connecting with the phone tracking. We will discuss this with the faculty and see how they respond to our idea and then work with their feedback.