Nexus Maximus Day 1

Day 1 of Nexus Maximus! We are Novo group 3 with 5 fantastic group members, four students from Thomas Jefferson University and one student from Pace University. We learned at the beginning of this process that all of us have completely different learning styles that fit our individual majors; interior design, computer science, health science, and occupational therapy. Though these differences might appear to be too different, we realize because of our differences we each bring something unique to the table. Each of us attended a couple workshops that were presented throughout the day and then came together as a group to discuss some ideas that we might have to better our transitional neighborhoods. OUr idea of bringing together our community, specifically Fishtown, through intergenerational activities or a community center might be too general and not thought out enough. But, this is just the very beginning process, we have much to learn and research before we are able to present our newer ideas tomorrow!