Ductus3-Day 2

After leaving yesterday with feedback from our meeting with our Legion Leaders we had a lot of things to consider. We had to decide on a clearer focus for our proposal about creating a drug rehabilitation program. We gained a new member of our team, which helped when facing the amount of research we had to do today. The workshops that we attended today consisted of strategic thinking, healthy community design, and health assessments. After the workshops we met up to work on our proposal. After talking for a bit, we decided to keep the same issue of the drug problem in south Philadelphia, but instead of creating a program we are going to create a rehabilitation facility. The current facilities in south Philadelphia do not have good ratings due to the staff’s treatment of patients. The facilities are not very effective because no one wants to admit themselves because of the environment. Our goal is to propose a new drug rehabilitation facility that has inpatient and outpatient programs that provide a welcoming atmosphere. We have agreed that there should be a feeling of freedom instead of a feeling of confinement. Areas like an outdoor garden, recreational activity space, and library give patients the option to focus their attention on something that brings them peace while battling to get clean. After talking with our Legion Leaders today we feel confident with our idea and have a few more things to consider such as security of the patients. Tonight we are brainstorming ideas for the name of our proposal, and tomorrow we will regroup and begin to work on designs for our poster.