Ductus 6- Day 2

Today was overall a very eventful and progressive day. The day started with breakfast and a recap for our group. We reviewed the separate data we gathered for the demographics in the different zip codes and decided to use all of South Philadelphia instead of individual zip codes in the area. After we went to breakfast we each went to different workshops. Including “Concrete Story Telling”, “Strategic Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving in a Dynamic Environment”, “What happened to my hood? Redlining and Gentrification in Philadelphia”, and Genetic Diseases Caused by Genome Mutations and Our Environment”. After the last workshops were over and everyone had something to eat, we met up in the computer lab and got to work. We researched more information on the area we are interested in and began to solidify our project. Using the advice from our faculty liaisons we fully developed our ideas. We now have our mission, the root issues and how we can solve the problems at hand. Since we felt we had enough information to move forward on our project we began to outline our poster. The poster outline so far is very preliminary but it holds all the information needed to get our points across. To end the day we met with out faculty liaisons again and got some more feed back. From there, we met again briefly to discuss what needed to be done by the time we meet up tomorrow. We hope to get our poster done tomorrow.