Ductus 4 – Day 2

Hi everybody! Welcome back to our daily blog! Today we welcomed a new member to Ductus 4, Syming, hailing from Thomas Jefferson University. We started off our morning with workshops ranging from health assessments to programming and developing a design brief to how to create a healthy community through intergenerational inclusion to how to research for data and facts in your zip code. Following the workshops, our group met with each other to discuss our ideas from yesterday as well as talk about what new information we researched and found out. We spent the afternoon discussing the feedback from the faculty members yesterday. We received a lot of great feedback and advice, and took time to work this feedback into our design. After much discussion, we decided to take our project in a new direction. We scraped our idea from Friday and started new. We came to the conclusion that we want to create a larger campaign policy that targets pedestrian safety in South Philadelphia. One of the major causes of death in South Philadelphia is pedestrians being hit by cars. Following a few hours of research, we met with the faculty advisors for our review and we received great feedback! Our next steps include conducting more research, creating our poster, and working on our pitch. See you tomorrow!