Ductus 2 Day 2

Total 180 today!

See attached for today’s progress:


So, the day started with workshops. We attended different types of workshops, some went on Story telling workshop and some went on the session about the connection between health and color design. The story telling workshop was very interactive and on-point. We learn that to communicate our ideas to audience, we need to answer the focus questions of What, why, how, and who. We also learn that we need to discuss about created values for users. It compliments our work in a way that we manage to create a smooth narrative to present our ideas to the faculty members.

One of the problems with South Philly is that there is not enough green area, and we thought that it’s a pity for local residents. One of the basics of a healthy community is to be able to engage with the local community, as well as to have access to healthy public space. Based on the feedback yesterday, we understand that the idea was too ambitious and might be hard to implement in near future. So, we adjusted the scope of the original idea which is slightly different but still align with our focus area – public space.

Half of the time today we worked to solidify and finalize the idea. Then, the rest of the time we made some slides to present and communicate our work to the leaders and made a draft plan for tomorrow work. Lots of coffee consumption, but we’re getting there!!