Ductus 1 2018

To start off the weekend of Nexus Maximus, our group began  by introducing ourselves and understanding our different backgrounds. Our group members include Michelle, Dani, Julie, Charlotte and Nick. Michelle and Dani are both Health Science/ P.A majors. Nick is a PT major. Julie is in the Occupational Therapy Program and Charlotte is an interior design major. After getting to know a little bit about each other, we decided that we can split up, take some notes from the workshops and then come back and describe each of our ideas. We decided that we should do some research on the place we were assigned.

Being apart of Ductus team 1, we were assigned South Philadelphia. After doing some research, we discovered that the total population of South Philadelphia is 168,782 as of 2010. South Philadelphia demographics include a lot of italians but also a diverse populations of African Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, etc. The average household income is $53,568. South Philadelphia is filled with various bars, nightspots, shops, and restaurants.

The purpose of this weekend is work with people of different backgrounds towards a common goal- improve the lives of the people in the community. Being composed of mostly healthcare related majors, our team decided to look into the health institutions availability and the actual quality of care provided by the medical professionals available in the community. We noted some pediatric care facilities, including 2 South Philadelphia Pediatric offices and Witman Pediatrics. We also noted that South Philadelphia is abundant in other healthcare facilities. We all went to various workshops that included information about policy maps, including statistics on any region in philadelphia, trauma and how it affects communities and families, and poverty in philadelphia. Tomorrow we will regroup and discuss what each of us came up with.