Today, the dream team of six met up at the Gallagher Athletic Center. Vanessa, Chelsea, Irene, Koffi, Victor and Will immediately made a slack workspace and after the initial ice breaker split to cover all the workshops (and attend some classes too!). Victor and Irene went to the Our Healthy Community workshop as well as the Influenza Pollution on Healthy Living. Will, Chelsea, and Vanessa attended the Library Business Research; a workshop showing the many tools that Philadelphia and other organizations make available to the public. The other workshops helped shape the team’s vision of aligning Center City towards that of “Improving lives through Healthy Communities”. After the workshops, the team met up with Creo legion leaders for a rapid read out of many different ideas to understand Center Cities unique circumstances. The feedback left the team even more determined and everyone agreed on the idea of Green Roofs. Being an urban city, the sun’s heat and the winter’s cold require active climate control in every building. This results in an increased demand for resources like electricity that may have been generated by fossil fuels; a process that is deleterious for both the Planet and the people of Center City. Victors’ experience with Upenn and their take on reducing these undesirable energy transfer using green plants on top of their rooftops led us to think about other lush plants that may have an even higher efficacy. For tomorrow, we plan on seeing how we can bring this idea to the masses as well as implementing a possible prototype. Great job team! Tune in for tomorrow’s blog!

















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