Day 2-Creo 4

We began the day by meeting as a group before workshops at 10 o’clock. We got our minds in gear with some coffee and a light breakfast before splitting up and attending the Design Brief and Customer Inquiry workshops, as well as the Healthy Community Design workshop at 11 o’clock. After coming back together to discuss the information presented to us, we began further refining our concept and defining our problem–then we started developing a project brief with a beginning, middle and end, creating a map of our project direction and destination. Once we were comfortable with the track we were on, we decided to break for a quick lunch at 12 o’clock, and come back to continue our discussion. We met with a Legion Leader, who gave us more in depth feedback and she pushed us even further, to think about more specific details we otherwise may not have thought about. This gave us the motivation we needed to start thinking about our presentation board and planning the layout: such as what kind of text, images and diagrams we will be including. To get a better sense of how to show our information and whatnot, we looked at several examples of past Nexus Maximus presentations and submissions from other students; then we began searching ideas and inspiration on Google, for the graphics we’d like to create and represent in our final presentation. Taking another short break and taking some time for more fun group photos, we recapped our major ideas and prepared for another review with faculty.