The Challenge

Salve Legionnaire!

Today, and for the rest of this weekend, you are part of a team that works within a Legion to solve a problem. You will be working with team members from all over Jefferson and from across the US and around the globe.

Here is your mission:

To improve lives.

Specifically, you will be asked to study a local region.

  • Consider the populations, resources, (social, political, cultural, religious) affiliations, infrastructure, reputation, investment, local government, and commerce.
    • You and your team may also find other meaningful characteristics to investigate as you study your region.

As you study your region, find opportunities to improve the lives of those individuals you find in the region.

  • To improve means to fix a problem, enhance a good situation, make a bad situation diminish and disappear, create an opportunity, or prevent loss.
  • As you review your region, you and your team may also find other definitions for the word improve.

We have assembled experts to help you. Each team is required to send one or more members to workshops designed to give you some deeper insights into the improving lives mission. Your team can keep working and your teammates will bring back information from the workshops to inform the team.

We have some Legion Leaders, faculty and staff, who will circulate and meet with teams throughout the weekend to help guide your team as you study the region and assemble concepts. Each evening you and your team will summarize your progress to the Legion Leaders. You will get feedback and will be challenged to go deeper and further.

We have assembled some background research for you to use, we know that you will find more. This research is to help you jumpstart the process of building challenging concepts to discuss with each other and with Legion Leaders.

The theme is “Improving Lives through Better Communities.” building on Jefferson’s mission “We Improve Lives,” and our commitment to community. The challenge is to develop innovations with a focus on the Philadelphia communities’ local challenges. Each team will be assigned a community in Philadelphia, and will be challenged with developing innovative solutions to improve the quality of life in that community.  These innovations can involve, but are not limited to:

    • Better community design
    • Improving health care access
    • New policies or business models to deliver sustainable value to the community.
    • Community diversity
    • Environmental Impact/Sustainability
    • Socio-economic impact
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Technology/Technology access
    • The possibilities are endless…