Team 2 Ductus – Day 1

We had quite an eventful first day! When our group first met, we learned about our strengths and weaknesses and how they complemented each other. We exchanged contact information and defined our goals for the assignment. We learned at our various seminars that a holistic approach is needed to serve individuals, the community, and the environment. Some workshops we attended were Cultural and Intergenerational Trauma and the Impact on Access to Health in Out-Communities, Library Business Research, Food Insecurity in Philadelphia, and An Introduction to the Science of Biophilia and Nature Deficit Disorder. We learned to develop approaches in the community that acknowledge intergenerational culture. We realized the importance of research and knowing the community of interest. We learned how exposure to nature can impact health. All of these ideas created a foundation from which we could create and develop a solution that addresses the issues seen in South Philly.

We spent time to brainstorm and decided on the topic we want to work with. We also researched demographics of our region and the focus area for recommendations. The results match with the topic we were both motivated to work on and make use of each other’s skills. By the end of the day, we have a proposal presentation and agree on day-2 schedule. After the consultation session, we understand that we need to focus on the demographics to accelerate the pool of ideas we are excited about.

So far, it’s been a hectic but a very fun day!