Team 1 Day 1 Summary

After meeting each other in the morning, we split up and went to various workshops. We created a group chat to be able to communicate all weekend and post any photos and information. Some of the workshops we went to included Food Insecurity, Sustainability, Trauma Counseling, and How Do You Successfully Innovate. This allowed us to get a better understanding of the issues facing our zip codes in Philadelphia. Some of the points of interest were the poverty level and how it impacts food consumption, learned techniques to assess the needs of the market, and how different types of trauma affect people. Another point of interest which seemed to come up often was the multitude of crime within the city. After learning about the broader issues, we looked more in-depth into the specific zip codes we were assigned to, and found that within 19130 they face transportation issues. Having to travel into the city for work is not as easy as it could be, as existing transit systems can not compete with the volume of people at peak hours. Now that we have re-grouped after workshops, and discussed our findings, we plan to look further into this issue to come up with a solution to tackle it. This solution could involve transportation, health, infrastructure, and environmental aspects which could be branded as a “going green” initiative. The next step will be to bring each group member’s personal viewpoint and experience from their university courses to develop a detailed plan of action to bring our final outcome to life.