Blog Entry One; Orior 5


During our first day of the Nexus Maximus program, after our introductory lectures, the investment began.  Prior to our first chosen lecture, we were grouped up and contemplated our skills and that which we lack with our new teams.  This helped our group members figure out who will play the best roles in our project in order to make a successful proposal come Monday.  After attending sit-ins and gathering information about factors like pollution, allergies, research tips, and more, we sat down to collaborate all of our notes to support our health problem focus.

We think we might want to focus on factors that affect Philadelphia like pollution, transportation, access to good healthcare, or income.  After gathering information on Philadelphia dynamics and doing some independent research, we’ve found concentrated statistics on our assigned zip code on percentages that describe drug abuse levels and healthcare access to citizens in our area.

As of now, we’re contemplating how money comes into play in the lives of the impoverished when it comes to treating sickness and affording healthcare.  We think our main topic will be on how the economy plays into the lives of the sick and we’ll defend a proposal on how we can change those lives.

-Amethyst Bias