DAY01 – Creo5

Today we met our fantastic team: Sam, Anthony, Wiebke, Ronak and Sylvie. We were assigned the Center City neighborhood, and began brainstorming about our strengths and topics we are passionate about. After Ronak and Wiebke attended the Policy Map workshop, we used this technology to explore homelessness in Center City and discovered that there are over 500 unsheltered homeless people living in Center City, a number much higher than in surrounding neighborhoods. Each member participated into diverse workshops. Sylvie attended “How do you successfully innovate? – Use of Innovation Games, Dr. Les Sztandera” and “Consumer Centricity: factors to consider when developing healthcare solutions for populations”. Other workshops about ‘Integral Sustainable Approaches’, ‘Food Insecurity in Philadelphia’ were also very helpful in building ideas about healthy community and the concept of sustainable development & cooperation. After the workshop session, we gathered together in a big room and began asking questions about interactions between the homeless and passers by, and discovered that the biggest reasons people ignore or don’t offer support to people asking for help on the streets is that they don’t know how to help, don’t trust them or don’t have time. To address this problem we decided to offer catchy, verified signs to the homeless to solicit help while also earning trust and making a clear statement about how they can be helped. After the faculty meeting, we talked about the feedback that faculty gave us and proposed new, alternative ideas to develop our proposal into a better way. Tomorrow, we will begin prototyping and refining our idea. Also, elaborating our work into more practical and applicable way,



Our group photo!