Day 1 – Team Orior 2

Fighting Childhood Obesity – Post 1

Sukhnoor Ghumman, Caroline McCarthy, Omri Faroul, Valerie Leonard, Mica Lai

          As Team Orior 2, our group focused on ways that we can promote the prevention of obesity, specifically in the school-age children of the lower North Philadelphia neighborhood. In order to find the key issue that we wanted to focus on, our group met up in the morning and split up into the several different workshops. Some of the workshops that members of our group attended included Integral Sustainable Approaches, Cultural and Integrational Trauma and the Impact on Access to Health in our Communities and How Do You Successfully Innovate. These workshops provided us with background research and a foundation to begin developing our own innovation.

          In our meeting, we began to brainstorm several ideas and that may help with the enormous problem of obesity. We all agreed that it is important to tackle obesity in a generation that is growing up and still learning healthy habits. We began to gather empirical evidence that would allow us to further develop our ideas. In a neighborhood such as lower North Philadelphia, it is hard for children to exercise on their own because of the gun violence and danger in the neighborhood. It is not easy to find a place to play outside or be active in a home setting. Keeping this in mind, we came up with the idea to start a token program that would be implemented in classrooms. The broad plan for this program is if a child is active during or after school, they receive a token that can be used for several activities, such as a homework pass, being line leader, or receiving a toy. The idea behind this token program is that it will inspire children to strive to be more active for the reward of a token. Encouraging the new generation to adopt healthy life choices is essential for establishing a healthier community and eliminating obesity.


Our group photos!