Day 1-Creo 4

Today was a long, exhausting, enriching, and empowering day. We started as five individuals with different ideas and thoughts and came together to create one unified solution. We organized each other’s strengths and challenges to figure out to work well together and push each other. We broke up into groups to attend the different workshops about sustainability, innovation, and policy maps. We then came together to reflect on what we had just learned and to figure out the best ways to implement them into our discussions. After taking a break to refresh our minds and stomachs, we continued brainstorming, utilizing the whiteboards for visual ideas. We continued to do research using policy maps, crime maps, and zip atlas to determine statistics that were specific to our zip codes. We looked in depth at poverty, graduation rate, unemployment rate, access to healthcare, crime (theft), income/salary, and private/public schools in the area. After snacking on soft pretzels (Hannah had her first ever), chips, salsa, and soda, we continued to search for the solution at hand. We were the first group to pit ch our solution to the legion leaders and receive feedback. They appreciated our research and initiative, however they had some suggestions to bolster our solution. Part of the feedback was to figure out the financials, location, as well as to look at surrounding areas with a similar situation that had already been improved. We are ready to bbq and take our minds off of nexus maximus for the evening. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!