Day 1- Creo 2

During todays session, members of our group were able to attend workshops on Integral Sustainable Approaches, Successful Innovation, Policy Mapping, Cultural and Intergenerational Trauma and the Impact on Access to Health in Communities, Aging in Place, Locating Data at the Zip Code Level, and Innovating in Resource Limited Settings. After coming together as a group, and examining the demographics of zip codes in Center City, Philadelphia; generally the population consists of young, single, white collar, professionals, with an average income of around 100,000 dollars annually. The area has adequate access to resources such as healthy food options, restaurants, bars, and healthcare. We determined areas for possible innovation include mental health promotion, community safety, and obesity awareness. The aspect of mental health in this area is interesting as many of the residents are single and living alone, and working. This may indicate a risk of isolation, work and stress anxiety, and lack of healthy coping habits such as binge drinking. However, what really stood out to us was the high rates of rape and murder occurring. As a group we began relating the high incidence of crime as potentially being a result of lack of mental health awareness/resources in the area. At this point we are between focusing on thinking of innovative ways to increase feelings of safety in the community or how to increase mental health awareness, promotion, and/or practice. As our group member likes to say, “Mental health: not the issue we want to discuss, but the issue we want to discuss” (Mauren, 2018).