Creo 1- Day 1 Post

Today our group members attended various workshops on topics including aging in place, trauma and health, food insecurity, sustainability, and demographic maps. We took notes and brainstormed independently, and came together after attending workshops to work as a team. Together, we decided that food insecurity is a topic that we would like to focus on. While our specific project plan has not been identified, we plan to focus on partnering with grocery stores and other chain stores in center city to develop a donation-based food program to provide for those in the Philadelphia community without access to healthy food.

The following ideas are being considered: a “round up” program in which the total purchase amount is rounded up and the difference is voluntarily donated to charity, restaurants or grocery stores donate food that is “old” but still acceptable to eat that would typically be thrown away, and a “reward” system in which people who work toward maintaining or improving the physical environment are repaid in healthy food. With this last proposal, we encountered the issue of potential lack of accessibility or opportunities to maintain or improve the environment for some individuals. For example, if a person has limited time due to their work schedule or has limited mobility, they should not be lose access to affordable healthy food as a consequence of their situation.

By focusing on finding a solution for food insecurity, we hope to target a cycle of poverty that is difficult to break. Our goal is to create a healthier Philadelphia for those that would not typically be able to afford nutritious foods.