Orior 7 Daily Post Sunday

Narrowing down all of our ideas and our information, we continued the board today. We divided the work by some people writing, another working on the board on InDesign, and another still doing more research for the written aspect of it. This way we created a mock-up website for INTGRT, a non-profit organization that has the goal of resettling refugees into a small scale community with opportunities of education, employment, and housing.


Through this process of each working on something different and then putting it together, we realized that maybe the bullet points that one was writing were too long for the way the board was being organized, which led to back and forth between the processes, but we did learn from it.


Being extremely tedious (in a good way) with the board, we took our time and were meticulous to the point were we were content with the final result.

The board making process was probably the most time consuming one of the entire project. This is since for the brainstorming we could all contribute and all talk or research, however for the board, only one person could work on it at a time and the others would have to work on either the wording and have it ready, or the visuals but the work would still remain for one person to make in one computer (which extremely slowed us down).