Orior 2 Day 3

Does our team exemplify the characteristics of collaboration? That’s a wonderful question that we’re still asking ourselves. The easiest answer would be no. Of the five group members that we have, only two of them have done any work passed Day 1. Even to the point where when asked if those who would not be here could do the blog posts for our group, ended up not even doing so. This is the first blog post we’ve done because those who are working on the project finally had the time to check.


Collaboration means to work together, and at least two of us could exemplify that. The two Architecture students worked together for everything from research, to prototyping, to the implementation of the project. The idea was originally thought up from the whole of the group, so we hope that we’ve created something great.


When you feeling cute today.

Then realize your lives are as trash as your presentation is about to be.


Come check out our board tomorrow!