Maximus Workimus

With design work, other class work, working for money and Nexus Maximus, Sunday felt like….

But nevertheless, we (most especially Larken) made time to bring our final product to fruition. It was very easy to communicate our issues and push forward with what we discussed.

Throughout the weekend, it was very easy to work as a team. Being only a group of 4, we instantly cliqued on the basis of being such a small group in comparison to other legion groups.  Before the first workshop even began, we managed to hash through ideas and come to a consensus on the issue we wanted to focus, that’s just how seamless the communication was between us. We had a great balance of staying focused and having some comic relief.

So maybe weren’t quite as close as this crew, but you get the idea…


When we were unable to meet face to face on Sunday, text messages and emails sufficed as a great way to get our final ideas and workload figured out. Larken showed great understanding when other team members were not able to assist in the finishing of the design and ideas and took the leadership role in producing the display image for the Nexus presentation. *whispers* I wish there was a Ductus 6 trophy to give Larken because…MVP.

This group was compiled of Jefferson students in a variety of schools within the university, and it was a fantastic experience being able to lend innovation to an often ignored idea among refugees and displaced individuals.  We are excited to discuss our story of offering dignity and a sense of owning and home to the Nexus panel at the presentation tomorrow.