Ducuts 5 Day 3

After narrowing down our focus and defining our project objectives yesterday, day 3 was really about designing our board layout. The feedback we received on day 2 was that we really need to emphasize the narrative of our project. The way that we decided to do this was to split our board up between information and narrative. In order to display how our proposed solution would we, we created two personas of Syrian refugees.

The refugees are a husband and wife. The husband, Ali, was a baker, while his wife Suzanne was a stay at home mom. Due to the war, the couple had to flee Syria and was placed by the UNHCR in Sydney, Australia. The couple, after learning about our company from the UNHCR, decided to apply. Our organization took their application and saw that they were skilled bakers. Our company recognized the need for bakers in Perth, Australia, and had them relocated. Here, the couple will learn about eastern sweets and continue to train and work in their known profession. We decided that this narrative was the most convincing way to describe our solution to the refugee problem. To further support this, our board also has statistics and quotes to emphasize our project’s feasibility.

As a group, I would say that we are very pleased with the outcome of our project. Since day one, everyone got behind one idea that we all agreed could work and we put all of our energy into this idea. While our schedules varied, everyone dedicated the time that they could into the project. We divided up research, graphics, and lectures and continuously came together to share our findings and work through problems that we ran into. We set goals for ourselves so our time working together was spent efficiently. One of the best parts about our team is that everyone had an equal voice. We all contributed ideas that really defined the final product.