Ductus 8: Day 3

Day 3, the final work day for Ductus 8, has mainly been about refining and building our ideas into a tangible presentation. We divided up the work as best we could and slowly brought together the pieces to form a cohesive and (hopefully) successful innovation. The news and updates regarding the damage being caused by the hurricane in the south served as a sharp reminder of the bigger picture we were working toward. By the end of Sunday, we had generated a digital model and drawings of the box design, designed the graphics for the outside, done the research on the technological portion of the project, determined the sizes and final pricing on all the items in the box, hashed out the written description of the project, and finally brought all these pieces together – along with some additional visual context – to create our final board. Along the way, we changed the name of the product to “Hopebox”, which more directly corresponded with the deeper purpose of our project.

Regarding collaboration, we have been met with varying degrees of success depending on the day and circumstances. Friday embodied the best of this, as everyone was present and contributed many ideas, helping to critique and develop different concepts until we finally settled on the one we have. Saturday and Sunday each involved some group members having to be gone by necessity, which was unfortunate but not something that could be helped. Whenever we were able to connect in person, things went pretty smoothly; we did however have some trouble communicating effectively when separated. But overall, we managed to pull together the project and form some connections in the process, hopefully cumulating in a successful presentation tomorrow. Truth be told, I’m sure the greatest prize we could all receive for our hard work would be a nice, long, uninterrupted nap… *hint hint*