Ductus 2: Sunday

On the last day before the presentation today, we wrapped up all the information gathering, as well as concepts for what a working concept could look like. We also created our final board, and plotted it out for tomorrow’s presentations.

The task of this project was not just to create a solution to the problem that we were given, but also to collaborate effectively with other individuals that are in other disciplines. I believe that our group has definitely been able to draw from each of out experiences and fields of study to have an overall better solution. Within our group, we have an Industrial Designer, two Interior Designers, one individual studying OT and another studying Athletic Training. While our three designers were able to contribute  regarding things like finding research and applying it to a solution, our non design majors were able to help in a unique way as well. Our non design majors were able to give an angle to look at from a more medical or health based view, which has an effect on the direction that we took with our solution (being more focus on something that not only helps a problem, but also benefits the health of refugees). All of our members devoted as much time as they were able to for this project, and the overall final product definitely shows that.

As an overall experience, we all learned a bit more on how to work with people in a group that have different fields to pull from, and bring a unique perspective in on a solution to a problem.