orior iv day iii


A short walk through our lovely East Falls campus on a late summer morning and a hot cup of coffee prefaced what would be perhaps the most industrious day of the weekend for team Orior “Collaboration” IV.

The morning started off in a similar way to yesterday: zooming out a bit and trying to get a strong sense of context for our project. Once the team dug into our work for the day, the synergy of the group was revealed. Our team worked as a whole to generate a narrative for our project. Some focused on learning what it was like to be a refugee in our city of interest, Berlin. Others were inspired by those stories to help develop use cases for our product. Tasks to work on throughout the day were given to group members based on the interest and proficiency they displayed. Group members who couldn’t be physically present were virtually present.

After a strong and well-coordinated push from the entire team, the project is nearing completion. This Nexus Maximus has been a great experience for all of us! Getting to know students from the East Falls campus, the Center City campus and even Aalto University in Helsinki has been fun. Quickly establishing an efficient workflow within that group was challenging, but I would say that Orior IV managed to carry out this task admirably. Furthermore, spending some time researching the global refugee crisis has been very illuminating. Misconceptions all of us had have been challenged. New ideas have been formed, and those ideas will be the ones you will see in our product.

As the last day of work comes to a close, we look forward to the presentations tomorrow!